​​oventry  Farm

Includes hay, barn feed (11% pellets), watering, stalls are cleaned twice daily and supplied with with pine bedding, blanketing, and regular seasonal turnout. Any required medication or supplements provided by the owner will be administered. Fecal checks are done quarterly and worming will be done accordingly at owners expense. Special arrangements can be made for hand walking,bandaging, cold hose therapy,or special veterinarian required services, fees will be agreed upon on an individual basis.

What to Expect

Trailering is provided to shows, veterinary clinics, etc... there is a minimum charge of $25 per horse. 

All bills are due on the first day of each month, a $50 finance charge will be added if payment is not recieved by the fifth if the month.

Lessons  -

We currently have several amazing Teams based at Coventry..

CHSA Show Team

Junior and High School IEA Team

Randolph Macon College IHSA Team

Randolph Macon College Eventing Team

If you are interested in joining us for the 2017 season we would love to have you...

Lesson costs for boarders and students are: 

individual lessons $50 each 

Monthly packages  4 - $180 or 8 - $320

Ship-ins add a ring fee of $25

Trailering - $2.20 per loaded mile

Regular Board - $750 per month


Partial turnout or specialty feed- $800
Pro-rated board - $25 - $40 per day

Short term board - $40 per day

Lay Up Board - $40 per day

Grooming services- $15 per day